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Films shown at the 2016 Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival program "Bike Shorts"


Directors: Amélie Graffet, Cyril Flous, Charlotte Da-ros, Roxane Martinez, David Jurine, Juliette Coutellier
Time 7:05 / France

In 1914, during one of the stages of the Tour de France, the national champion is leading the pack but he falls on the descent of the Col du Tourmalet.

A Tribute to Tassie

A Tribute to Tassie
Directors: David Fletcher & Jason Stirling
Time 5:57 / Australia

A bicycle tour of the beautiful wild Tasmania.

Bicycle Wine Rack and Max Poulin's Fixie Tricks
Director: Jesse Herbert
Time 1:52 / Canada

A profile of a bicycle acrobat and his wine rack.

Boneshaker Magazine
Director: Thom Heald
Time 3:32 / UK

A profile of a publication that celebrates bicycle culture from around the world.

Come See Where Open Roads Takes Us! (Kalamazoo Only)
Director: Collin High
Time 1:57 / USA

The Open Roads Youth Advisory Board created a beautiful bicycle promotional video for the nonprofit organization they represent and are excited to share it with the community!

DADA the Malagasy Trialist
Director: Felix Leblanc
Time 3:37 / Madagascar/France

This innovative rider sets the standard for the Madagascar bike scene.

Director: Mike Brown
Time 7:31 / USA/Canada

Follow professional mountain bikers Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Director: Mariana Abdalla
Time 5:11 / Denmark

81 year old Finn goes on a trip with Cycling Without Age from Denmark to Norway.

Director: Tomas Mankovsky
Time 3:45 / Sweden

Grace finally gets to talk to the boy she likes from school, but it is too late.

Kriss Kyle: Kaleidoscope (Kalamazoo Only)
Director: Ben Scott / Red Bull Media House
Time 4:56 / USA

A BMX trip through a maze of optical illusions.

Make your Own Shortcut: David Cachón
Director: Fernando Rodríguez Marmolejo
Time 3:21 / Spain

A shortcut as the fastest way to cover the distance between two points without following the main road.

Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights
Director: Alastair Humphreys
Time 8:34 / UK

An off road bicycle journey through the remote Scotland country side.

Night Safari
Director: Nolan Alan McNally
Time 3:59 / USA

Grab your bike and a friend and set off into the night for a safari.

Olympic Cyclist Vs. Toaster: Can He Power It?
Director: Nathan Grossman
Time 3:14 / UK

How much pedal power does it take to make one piece of toast?

Pedal Bicycle
Director: Daniel Bo James Tyler
Time 2:23 / USA

Pedal bicycle helps the Kalamazoo community discover the spin within.

Director: Matty Crawford
Time 3:12 / UK

Around 20,000 bikes are reported stolen in London each year, this is the story of one of them.

Director: Bjorn Olson
Time 1:41 / USA

A poetic Alaskan fat-bike and packraft wilderness adventure.

Rob Cantor "Old Bike"
Director: Andrew Laurich
Time 3:51 / USA

A woman goes on a bike ride through time and space.

Santas of Cochin
Director: Christon Joseph
Time 4:15 / India

A journey of two kids and Santa Clause along the streets of Fortkochi.

Share the Road
Directors: Kevin Reimer & Erik Joule
Time 1:25 / USA

We can all get along. Skateboarders and bikers team up and share the road.

Shoreline West
Directors: Ryan Frederick & Justus Rohlfs
Time 5:20 / USA

The League of Michigan Bicyclists Shoreline West Bicycle Tour has delighted cyclists for more than for 30 years.

Speed up. Slow down. A Roadbike Film.
Director: Filme Von Draussen
Time 3:23 / Switzerland

Speed. It has a become a passion, an Obsession in the world we live in. And for some of us, the easiest way to slow down is to speed up.

Tallest Race on Two Wheels
Directors: Chris Mullen & Josh Davidsburg
Time 3:52 / USA

Experience the thrills of a high wheel bike race.

The Cyclist
Director: Sarah Grant
Time 4:11 / UK

Bob breaks free from his daily grind and stays on his bicycle for a tour of the inspiring Scottish countryside.

The Morning Ride
Directors: Benjamin Johnson & Kurtis So
Time 1:37 / Canada

Sometimes looking good at the office is almost as important as the daily bike commute.

Tom Seipp - A Mountain Journal Short
Director: Dom Bush
Time 7:08 / UK

Tom is 11 and just loves riding his bikes with his dad, no matter what the terrain, no matter what the weather.

Tyler Fernengel: Silverdome (Kalamazoo Only)
Director: Red Bull Media House
Time 3:27 / USA

The Pontiac Silver dome rises again for a brief moment of glory.

Voice Notes - A Tandem Ride with Horst Friedrichs
Director: Montenegro & Lafont
Time 8:30 / Spain

A portrait of photographer and bike lover Horst A. Friedrichs and his book Cycle Style, a stylish portfolio of men and women standing proudly by their steel framed bikes through the streets of London.

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