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Films shown at the 2015 Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival program "Bike Shorts"

Bicycle Safari
Director: Nolan Alan McNally
Time 3:59 / USA

Riding a bicycle, with fun and exploration being the only destinations.

Director: Cigdem Slankard
Time 8:00 / USA

A family of seven and avid cargo bikers lead a car-free lifestyle in Buffalo, New York

Forgotten Dirt - Afghanistan
Director: Anthill Films
Time 10:13 / Afghanistan/Canada

A small team of riders travel to the remote Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan on a world first mountain bike expedition to explore trails that are thousands of years old.

Havana Bikes
Director: Diego Vivanco
Time 5:20 / Cuba/Spain

In Cuba new bikes are difficult to come by and parts are not readily available. A handful of mechanics provide a service to those who rely on their bikes in their everyday lives.

Its All About The Bike
Director: Colum Lynch
Time 4:00 / Ireland

A period sensitive restoration of a 1951 Thanet Silverlight road bike by Lego characters.

La bici
Director: Maria Barahona
Time 4:04 / United Kingdom

A man ponders the love hate relationship he had with his bike.

My Legs My Gears
Director: Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner
Time 8:29 / Germany

A portrait of Mianzi Rei who lives for her passion of fixed gear bikes and track racing.

The Gift
Director: Russ Lamoureux
Time 2:46 / USA

Set within the mind of a man as he watches the woman he loves transform his gifts into freedom.

Tron Kong
Director: Jen Moeller / Joshua Wong
Time 2:09 / Hong Kong, China


Light bicycles battle it out on the streets of Hong Kong.

Whiffed Out
Director: Jason Giampietro
Time 11:34 / USA

The journey of a bicycle that is abandoned in a hallway, lent to a man looking for a delivery job and is eventually passed on to a new owner.

Bestest Friends
Director: Tim Bornholdt
Time 3:25 / USA

Koo Koo Kangaroo's music video shows us you'll never be as close to your best friend as you are on a tandem bicycle.

A Fine Balance
Director: Tim Askew
Time 4:27 / United Kingdom

The UK's only extreme unicycling display team takes to the streets of Edinburgh.

Flying V Messengers
Director: Chuck Fry / Ryan Blaske
Time 2:06 / USA

Flying V Messengers is a donation only service in South Bend, Indiana.

Between the Stops
Director: David Phu
Time 2:33 / Canada

Josh elevates his bicycle tours beyond a checklist of landmarks to make them interactive, social experiences.

Heritage Bicycles
Director: Philip Giancola
Time 2:48 / USA

Located on Chicago's north side, Heritage General Store specializes in locally handcrafted bicycles, coffee and building community.

Velocipedist Bicycle Company
Director: Felicia Manning
Time 2:14 / USA

In this shop, every bike tells a story. Velocipedist is purely aesthetic and brings about a feeling of nostalgia from the moment you step through the doors.

Director: A D Cooper
Time 7:22 / United Kingdom


Two bored boys try to frighten an old man. His response is anything but predictable.

Late Night Training
Director: Blaž Miklič
Time 1:16 / Slovenia

Peace and quiet late at night. Time for you, bike and training. Is there any better way to finish your day?

Lock Block
Director: Richard B. Pierre
Time 1:16 / Canada

A cynical young man must overcome his nature to seize romance.

Director: Orlando Cubitt
Time 6:41 / United Kingdom

A bike thief owes money around town and eventually has to pay.

The Double Diamond
Director: Calum Stirling
Time 9:16 / United Kingdom

Working with the book Besoin de Vélo by French writer Paul Fournel, Double Diamond takes us through the physical and philosophical landscape of a cyclist.

Lonely Yellow
Director: Alina Janukevičiūtė
Time 4:30 / Finland

Free yellow bicycles in a small town of Finland were slowly stolen until there was only one. The last bicycle must change his thinking to find new friends.

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